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Changed date, again.

Let's get together again. This time let's bring something to show and tell.

Cantonese study group. Practice conversations and go over vocabulary words. Also, if I may borrow an idean from another meetup, bring something interesting to say in Cantonese.

Vocab from Cantodict:

Vocab Yale/Pinyin

白菜 baak6 choi3 /bai2 cai4 bok choy

意見 yi3 gin3 /yi4 jian4 opinion

日程 yat6 cing4/ ri4 cheng2 schedule; itinerary

衛生部 wai6 sang1/ bou6 wei4 sheng1 bu4 health department; sanitation department

衛生局wai6 sang1/ guk6 Officeof Health
廚師 chyu4 si1; cheui4 si1/ chu2 shi1 cook; chef

吸取 kap1 cheui2/ xi1 qu3 to absorb; to draw; to assimilate

吸收 kap1 sau1/ xi1 shou1 to absorb; to assimilate

記者 gei3 je2 /ji4 zhe3 reporter

生活費 sang1 wut6 fai3 /sheng1 huo2 fei4 living expenses; cost of living

溝通 kau1 tung1 /gou1 tong1 to connect, to exchange; communication

人工 edit ( yan4 gung1/ ren2 gong1 manpower; manual labour; pay

放心 edit ( fong3 sam1 fang4 xin1 to not worry, be at ease

反壟斷法 ( faan2 lung5 dyun6 faat3 /fan3 long3 duan4 fa3 anti-trust law; legislation against monopolies

存貨 edit ( chyun4 fo3 /cun2 huo4 inventory, existing stock

眼罩 edit ( ngaan5 jaau3 /yan3 zhao4 a blinder, a blindfold
保險 bou2 him2/ bao3 xian3 insurance
索賠 sok3 pui4 suo3/ pei2 claims, to ask for compensation
保險索賠 insurance claim
農夫 nung4 fu1/ nong2 fu1 farmer
市場 si5 cheung4 shi4 c/hang3 a market; a marketplace;
農夫市場 farmer’s market
浪費 long6 fai3 /lang4 fei4 to waste
牙醫助理 nga4 yi1 jo6 lei5 /ya2 yi1 zhu4 li3 dental assistant
cheui2 doi6/ qu3 dai4 to replace; to substitute; to supplant
bei6 ……cheui2 doi6 bei4……qu3 dai4 replaced by


失憶 (華裔 (老翁 (失踪 (

失憶 ( sat1 yik1 / shi1 yi4 - memory loss; amnesia
華裔 ( wa4 yeui6 / hua2 yi4 - ethnic Chinese; of Chinese descent
老翁 ( lou5 yung1 / lao3 weng1 - an old man
失 ( sat1 / shi1 yi4 - mistake; omission; lose; neglect
踪 ( jung1 / zong1 - footprint; track

舊金山 (警方 (呼籲 (民眾 (幫忙 (尋找 (一 (名 (失蹤 (長者 (。77歲 (的 ( Tang Huang, 本週 (一 (失蹤 (前 (身穿 (黑色 (外套 (,藍色 (牛仔褲 (

舊金山 ( gau6 gam1 saan1 / jiu4 jin1 shan1 - San Francisco
警方 ( ging2 fong1 / jing3 fang1 - the police
呼籲 ( fu1 yu6 / hu1 yu4 - [1] call on (someone to do something); [2] to appeal (to)
民眾 ( man4 jung3 / min2 zhong4 - populace, the people, the masses
幫忙 ( bong1 mong4 / bang1 mang2 - to help
尋找 ( cham4 jaau2 / xun2 zhao3 - to look for; to find; to seek
一 ( yat1 / yi1 yi4 yi2 - number one
名 ( ming4 meng2 / ming2 - name; fame
失蹤 ( sat1 jung1 / shi1 zong1 - to disappear; to be missing; to be unaccounted for
長者 ( jeung2 je2 / zhang3 zhe3 - elder; senior; venerable elder
歲 ( seui3 / sui4 xue3 - year; age (of a person)
的 ( dik1 / de5 di2 di4 - possessive suffix
本週 ( bun2 jau1 / ben3 zhou1 - this week
前 ( chin4 / qian2 jian3 - in front; before
身穿 ( san1 chyun1 / - to wear; wearing
黑色 ( haak1 sik1; hak1 sik1 / hei1 se4 - black
外套 ( ngoi6 tou3 / wai4 tao4 - a coat (garment)
藍色 ( laam4 sik1 / lan2 se4 - blue

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