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Asians and Friends - Boston (AaFB) is an International Friendship and social support group. Our group was established in 2001 as a grass roots non-profit to promote friendship among gay, Asians and non-Asians. Since Meetup has recently changed a few things, we no longer have an invite code and since we still want to maintain some privacy we now have to approve all new members, please be patient since we do not always check the emails daily.

Many of our founding members are still involved in the group and we welcome new members to join all the time. We have not charged dues since the first year and now there is no cost to join. So it doesn't cost any money to be a member! But most of the events do cost money (food, drinks, admission, etc.) you pick and choose which ones you attend. Keep in mind that the organizers do have to pay money to meetup.com to run the website. If you have enjoyed and can donate please do but do not worry if you are on a tight budget we would rather you attend than stay at home because you don't have a donation. The donations do go to help cover the costs of running the groups website.

The members of this group get together to meet, greet, and socialize, sharing life experiences in safe, social settings. We provide a wide range of social, cultural, and educational activities for men and women in a gay friendly supportive environment. Regularly held activities include potluck dinners and cookouts, movie nights, discussion groups, and dinner parties around the general Boston area. Special events might include bar hopping, concerts, sporting events, bowling, museum tours, theatre groups, shows, and theme park adventures.

We want you to join us in planning and organizing events which you feel others will enjoy as well as yourself. Please check out the ideas page and add your ideas, and VOTE for ideas or events which you would like to attend. Also let us know if you would like to assist in organizing any event, and we will be happy to help plan events as we all try to enjoy life.

If you are only on the Yahoo group or you know someone who is only on the Yahoo group, please encourage them to sign up for this meetup group.

If you have read this far and would like to sign up, As of May 1, 2013 Meetup has changed we will now be approving all new members, please be patient since we do not always check the emails daily. When you sign up, you are able to restrict emails on the site so you do not get duplicated email notices, but this site is much more interactive and updated.

Please remember, our group is made up of many different cultures and individuals who are in different stages of their life. Since we have had some problems with aggressive, unfriendly members we are doing a little more screening of the membership which unfortunately slows membership approval. If you are looking for approval and know current members that reference name can speed up approval.

We are Your Group help us, help you, enjoy our lives!!!

ps, If you have sent the group an email and several days have passed by without a reply please check your spam folder and update your email system to accept our emails, we try not to spam anyone.

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