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The Best Happy Hours In Broward..... Nominees
Hey Foodies, Let The Fun Begin......... We are going to begin a New Series and Create a Web Page from the Results of Future Meetups. Our First Task is to get Nominations for the Best Happy Hour in Broward. We will visit these until we have 5 Finalist and then choose the Best Happy Hour. Once this is created then we will be in a position to have places challenge the Winners for the Best Of and begin to have Categories. Examples: Best Sushi, Best Wings, Best Service, Best Pizza, Best Seafood, Best Italian, and so on........ The next Nominations will be selected by those who participate, so your so say will matter if you join our events. Please nominate your choice(s) for Best Happy Hour and we will let you know the results.........

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    Food is a Luxury! What is more gratifying then a great meal. For me, there is nothing like a good slice of pizza as a reward for an accomplishment. Let's face it, there is a reason why Mac-N-Cheese, Ice Cream, and Chocolate are often called Comfort Foods. We love them.

    Where is the Most Romantic Restaurant? I want to know who has the Best Wings? How about where to go for an awesome Salad Bar? Where do we go for the Best Tacos? Maybe you love seafood or something more specific like Fish, Calamari, Shrimp, or Crab Legs and just want to know it's going to be “FRESH” and “NOT FISHY”. You get the point.... What we don't like is paying $15 for a Burger and then thinking “Where's the Beef"? Might as well have gone to McDonalds, Burger King, or Wendy's...... Right? We don't like getting our food and then the waiter forgets to bring us the condiment we wanted or sometime utensils. We don't want to be waiting for some water or a long wait for a refill. Yup, we have all had bad service or perhaps sat down to a freezing cold dining area. Our group is on a mission to find great places to eat and raise the bar for those who may need some critiquing:

    We will take Foodie Polls and collectively decide which restaurants deserve Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down. Ask The Foodies will be a continuing education about place we've been and places we want to go. We will have Winners for certain categories and eventually serve as a media source for locals and visitors wanting a culinary experience that our Members have reviewed with high accolades. We will keep history of our Culinary Adventures so others can read and learn from our excursions.

    As Foodies, we will not only Rate the Food, but also review Service, Price, Ambiance, Atmosphere, Location, Cleanliness, Presentation, and all Leading to an Overall Score. Additionally, we will have a Happy Hour Review if applicable, and a Novelty Review if the Restaurant makes a Claim for a Famous or Specially Known for Item. Plus, we will have fun categories like Hidden Gems and Best Value for Each and Every Day of the Week. We will make suggestions for improvements and assist future visitors with our recommendations on what to order, what not to order and even where to get the closest parking or best value for parking. Ask The Foodie Members will help select “Foodie Winners” for the Best Cuisine in as many categories as we deem credible. Of course, we will be constantly searching and taking member advice on places that may be crowned as a New Winner and therefore leaving a trail of previous Winners for others to appreciate and provide comments. After all, we know that we will have exciting “Food Battles” over who deserves Our Winner and Top Honors and still have room for Honorable Mentions. We may even have to return for rematches if need be, but rest assured together our Members will be serving as the “Siskel & Ebert" of Food and or Restaurants. Here is your chance to become a “Foodie Critic”. Join us as we journey together to find the Best Restaurants.

    A “Foodie”(s) Member can expect Incentives such as Discounts, Socials, and even Parties. It's hard to go wrong in joining a group that is all about Food!

    Please take the time to answer the few questions upon joining. What is your Favorite Food? How much do you normally spend when dining out? Do you Cook? Are you a Chef? There is no wrong or right answer! It is relevant that we have a broad base of Members from Fast Food to Fine Dining and with Little to No Culinary Experience to Chef's with a Culinary Degree that may have a very keen pallet. It is important that we know our Member base so we can decide the best places to plan Member outings as this will help enhance our Incentives. All Foodies are asked the same questions and your personal preferences are not shared with anyone.

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