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"A key objective is lower e-book prices," Amazon wrote in a blog post ( last week. The company made its case for $9.99 e-books, explaining that "For every copy an e-book would sell at $14.99, it would sell 1.74 copies if priced at $9.99."

I always thought "literary agents" were about as useful as "a fifth wheel" - based on my experiences with them. I tried for an entire year to find an agent. I found sharks and shysters and snobs who only wanted Leon Uris and Sydney Sheldon and really sweet individuals who couldn't spell their way out of a paper sack... I know there are very professional agents out there; I just never found them.

So when I set up Denouement Literary Agency, LLC I decided to be a UNIQUE agent. My goal is to help the author become published. Period. I don't market. I don't charge a percentage of the royalties (because quite honestly, royalties are based on the honesty of the distributor and the integrity of the publisher's financial office - and takes forever.)

My first step (after getting the signed contract) is to get my client's proposal packet in prime condition. I edit, they re-write.

Second step for me is to start pitching the packet to publishers while I gently (or not so gently) encourage the author to do self-editing on the manuscript along the lines that I did on the packet – if it needs it.

When I have found a publishing contract, my client pays me -- ONLY THEN and only the amount specified in the contract.

The publishers I work with are mostly from the USA, but I have contacted a few from Europe, Canada and Australia. They are traditional or small press publishing houses only.

I'm having so much fun! I love helping authors hone their craft. I would be grateful if you would pass this information along to your Meetup group.

Evelyn Rainey
Denouement Literary Agency LLC Nineteen “rules governing literary art in the domain of romantic fiction,”