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Tampa, FL

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May 31, 2011


What are your goals? I believe this is one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves. The short and long term answers help guide you along your path. As a publisher, these questions are vital in helping authors achieve their dreams.

Have you written a book or do you want to write a book?

I am in the process of writing several fiction novels. I love the ability to tell a story that informs and moves people in a casual and relaxing atmosphere.

Have you published anything anywhere?

Yes. I am the President & CEO of Evershine Press, Inc., a full service publishing firm. We publish new works, offer marketing tools, assistance and services to all authors such as branding, social media, graphic and video production. We teach best methods to help authors learn important industry details that often hold them back.

Are you writing fiction or non-fiction?

I enjoy writing what I read, fiction crime/legal thrillers and mystery. I also write non-fiction articles related to self-publishing.

Are you in marketing, a literary agent or interested in speaking to the group?

Yes, marketing is the most critical stage of writing and publishing as well as the most often misunderstood.

What do you most hope to get out of this group?

As the groups' organizer, my mission is to ensure authors have access to good information and help so they have the opportunity to produce and market their books to a mass market industry.