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I started this meetup because I have noticed that men are suffering. We are like fish out of water who have forgotten what it's like to swim. Since a young boy our masculinity has been stripped from us. We have been told that our aggression is bad. We've been covertly and overtly told that females/women are better than us in one way or another. We have been taught to disregard what feels right to us and are told to do what makes women happy. We are told that our way of problem solving and dealing with pain and emotions is bad and that their way is correct. In couples therapy the man is usually wrong and the woman is right. Our society caters to women in countelss ways but we rarely complain.

This meetup group is for men to bond, strategize, organize, share, converse, and have uncensored and unfiltered conversations among like minded men. We are all in the same boat regardless of status or race. I have unique perspectives on how we got into this situation and how we can get out of the rut we're in. I want to also hear your opinions and ideas. Lets get together and figure out how to make our lives better and thrive in this society.

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