'Know Yourself!' Co-Counselling Free Taster

Co-Counselling, Therapy Workshops, Assertiveness+Confidence
Co-Counselling, Therapy Workshops, Assertiveness+Confidence
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Oakwood House

637 Roundhay Road · Leeds

How to find us

First floor above Home Bargains store in Oakwood. Entrance at the left side of the building.

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This is a great chance to:

• Learn something about yourself and your emotional life

• Practice being real in a group

• Have some fun

• Ask any questions

• Get a flavour of the peer-to-peer, co-counselling personal development model

• Find out how co-counselling is different to every other type of therapy and self-help approach, plus how it is similar to some mainstream therapies.

Come along and find out why I posted the eagle photo!

Several people are coming to this via routes other than this website, so you won't be alone if you sign up.

'I really enjoyed this workshop and left smiling inside. Lovely people and great group leader'
Jan Wallcraft
- taster 26th Sept 2016

'Richard creates a safe and supportive environment and encourages me to be conscious and present to my feelings allowing me freedom to express to release and potentially heal. I have found his groups friendly, playful, intense and meaningful experiences. I leave with a greater acceptance of myself, aspirations for self-development and I continue to gain a deeper understanding of how I feel in response to others. I am always eager to return to the authenticity and learn from his valuable processes and courses. Thank you Richard for your efforts to the Whole. I can’t praise and recommend him enough.'
Debi Jones, Sussex

Angela Berckley

wrote in July 2013:

''Hi.. it was a very interesting night, and a great experience. would definitely recommend it.''

Emma P wrote in July 2012:

''The two hours flew by. I enjoyed trying out the basics of co-counselling, in a relaxed and friendly group. It has inspired me to try the longer course.''

More testimonials are below.

I am convinced that we make a more productive life if we get to know and then connect up these three areas of ourselves:


The method we use on the course addresses this.

This evening's event will tell you more about 'Know Yourself!: CCI Core Training'
A few days that can change your life!

Come to the taster and/or the above course if you want to find out about this wonderful world of self-discovery and self-realisation. Find out about the unique residential events that are on offer each year, which provide a free network for your personal development.

CCI Co-counselling:

• Helps you be creative and expansive - you don't have to 'have problems'
• Helps you be honest with yourself and authentic with others
• Is not like 'normal counselling'
• Is not aimed at counsellors - it's for anyone
• Is respectful of each individual’s wishes: everything is optional – no one pushes you into anything you don’t want to do

CCI personal growth is:

• Self-directed - you decide!
• Peer-to-peer
• 40 years old
• Fun
• Free (once you're done the course)

See what others say

Go to www.youtube.com (http://www.youtube.com/) and type in ‘co-counselling’ to hear from others how this has helped them.

Lots more info is at: https://www.co-counselling.co.uk/


Oakwood House,
637 Roundhay Road,

Finding the front door

• Oakwood House is the first floor offices above Home Bargains supermarket: the building is between Preston Baker Estate Agents and Oakwood Solicitors, and diagonally opposite Rico’s restaurant.

• The entrance to Oakwood House is on the left-hand side of the building, and the entrance to the supermarket is on the right hand side.

At the entrance there is an electronic entry-phone: press the buzzer marked 'Richard Mills' and I will let you in. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes early.

Directions and Parking:
See my website http://richardmills.co.uk/?page_id=38

This course will be led by:
... me, Richard Mills, BA, BSc, PGDIM, LGSMD, BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist, CCI Trainer

To find out more about me: https://www.co-counselling.co.uk/

Richard Mills[masked]

Alan (http://www.meetup.com/CCI-network/members/10131619/)

wrote in July 2013:

''Thanks Richard for facilitating this session in a relaxed, informed way. I enjoyed the opportunity to do something different and was touched by the honesty of communication. I'm keen to do it again.''

Yvonne (http://www.meetup.com/CCI-network/members/97618232/)

wrote in July 2013:

''A very interesting evening! I came away with some useful insight into both co-counselling and myself.''

Martin D (http://www.meetup.com/CCI-network/members/45809142/) wrote in July 2012:

''Great fun and stimulating. Thank you Richard for holding this Taster session. I look forward to the course in the autumn.''

Rachel B (http://www.meetup.com/CCI-network/members/59296672/) wrote in September 2012:

''Interesting, fun and dynamic presentation and processes. A good demonstration of how co-counselling works''

Rachel A (http://www.meetup.com/Assertiveness-Confidence-and-Co-Counselling-Courses-Leeds/members/11192807/) wrote in September 2012:

''Enjoyed the session, and very interesting to find out about Co-counselling, I think the principles will be useful in everyday life.''

“I’m really pleased I attended the taster session and felt positive vibrations afterwards. I am definitely going to do the Co-Counselling Course – as its a therapeutic tool for life.”
— Nicola Cassidy, Leeds, on Jul 15, 2012.

“Interesting, fun and dynamic presentation and processes. A good demonstration of how co-counselling works.”
— Taster participant, Leeds, on Sept 23, 2012.

“Great content, friendly host and group leader, and professionally organised and conducted.”
— Aziz Patel, Leeds, on Jul 5, 2012.

“Enjoyed the event, it gave me a taste of co-counselling & what a full blown version could be like.”
— Taster participant, Leeds, on Jul 5, 2012.

Video testimonials are here