• Investigating Conflicts of Interest + Professional Interviewing Skills

    AMA Exeuctive Conference Center

    Register here: https://www.acfe.com/newyorkcombomarch/ In part one of this course gain an understanding of how and why conflicts arise and how to spot the warning signs of a conflict of interest, plus leave with an understanding of issues specific to these types of engagements. Part two is an interactive course that will teach you how to be more effective in asking direct and follow-up questions, while evaluating both verbal and nonverbal responses, so you can detect lies and uncover the truth during interviews. Register for both courses and SAVE an additional $100!

  • Understanding the Mindset of Fraudsters + Conducting Internal Investigations

    Embassy Suites Chicago - Downtown/Lakefront

    Register here: https://www.acfe.com/chicagocombomarch/ In part one of this combo course take a fascinating look inside the mind of a fraudster. Through discussions of human behavior, video interviews with convicted fraudsters and interactive problem-solving, you will gain a deeper understanding of motivations and personality traits common to fraudsters. Part two includes an internal investigation practical problem which you and your fellow attendees will work from beginning to end. Gain experience you will take back to apply to your own work. Register for both courses to save an additional $100 on registration fees.

  • Financial Statement Fraud

    Omni San Francisco Hotel

    Register here: https://www.acfe.com/events.aspx?id=4295003460 The complexity of financial statement fraud has received considerable attention over the past few years and will continue to cause concern. This course is designed for those who regularly review and evaluate financial statements. Auditors, both internal and independent, will benefit from an enhanced understanding of what the numbers mean and the increased ability to detect indicators of fraud. This 2-day, instructor-led course also discusses the fraud-related responsibilities of financial professionals and provides you with practical techniques to detect financial statement manipulation.

  • Cyberfraud and Data Breaches

    Needs a location

    Register here: https://www.acfe.com/events.aspx?id=4295003702 Losing data to fraud can be more costly than the loss of cash and other assets. To ensure data security, safeguard intellectual property and guard against cyberfraud, fraud examiners must stay informed of rapidly advancing technologies, emerging business trends and the methods employed by increasingly sophisticated information thieves. This 2-day, instructor-led course will clarify these issues while guiding you through the crucial strategies needed to mitigate the threat of malicious data theft and minimize the risk of inadvertent data loss. You will also learn useful steps for the creation of data security policies and related internal controls.

  • Effective Report Writing + Electronic Evidence

    W Atlanta - Downtown

    Register here: https://www.acfe.com/atlantacombofeb/ Part one of this combo course will introduce you to the fundamentals of good report writing and enable you to effectively communicate the results of your fraud investigation. Part two of this combo course will introduce you to digital forensics and discuss accepted techniques to identify, preserve and manage digital evidence. Register for both courses to SAVE an additional $100 on registration fees. Register by January 11 to SAVE $100.

  • Money Laundering Schemes

    Sheraton Grand Phoenix

    Register here: https://www.acfe.com/events.aspx?id=4295003545 Money laundering is a common element in many fraud, corruption and terrorist-financing cases and has an economic impact on most businesses and government entities. As technology’s accessibility and ease of use increases, so does the number of ways a fraudster can conceal his ill-gotten gains. This ACFE money laundering seminar will teach you how to recognize both traditional and emerging methods of laundering assets, including new payment technologies. You will also learn the tools and techniques you need to conduct a successful money laundering investigation.

  • 2018 ACFE Fraud Conference Asia-Pacific

    Sheraton on the Park


    Before you can attend you must register and pay at http://www.fraudconference.com/asiapac/2018/pricing.aspx Join top anti-fraud professionals in Sydney for the 2018 ACFE Fraud Conference Asia-Pacific and learn the latest trends in fraud prevention, detection and deterrence. With dynamic educational opportunities, experienced instructors and invaluable networking opportunities, this event offers the most comprehensive anti-fraud training available in the region.

  • Advanced Fraud Examination Techniques

    Omni Austin Hotel


    Before you attend, register and pay at http://www.acfe.com/austinafet2018/ Acquire the case experience and know-how you need to excel in your job. This 3-day advanced course takes place in a uniquely interactive learning environment where you will work on two actual fraud cases that have been modified for teaching purposes. You Will Learn How To: • Plan and execute complex fraud examinations • Avoid legal issues, ranging from workplace searches to electronic communication, during your investigation • Strengthen your evidence-gathering skills by determining what items are relevant and how they should be collected and interpreted • Implement advanced analytical techniques for detecting common fraud schemes • Improve your ability to use technology and the latest computer software • Prepare for and conduct critical interviews of both witnesses and suspects pertinent to the case • Testify under direct and cross-examination In addition to this, network with fellow attendees at the Fraud Museum exhibit located at the ACFE headquarters where you can receive a tour of the historic Gregor Buiding. The ACFE invites you to tour the building and meet ACFE staff members as you visit the home of the world's premier anti-fraud association.

  • Controlling the Risk of Asset Misappropriation

    Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel


    Before you can attend you must register and pay at http://www.acfe.com/vancouvercram/. Learn how to stay a step ahead of the most common form of employee fraud with the ACFE's 2-day seminar, Controlling the Risk of Asset Misappropriation. This training course will help you assess your organization’s risk of asset misappropriation and will provide best practices for deterring and identifying the costly theft or misuse of company resources. Network with fellow anti-fraud professionals and earn 16 CPE credits. You Will Learn How To: • Identify common asset misappropriation schemes, including skimming, billing schemes and information theft • Assess entity-wide fraud risks, including how your organizational culture affects the threat of asset misappropriation • Assess the process-level fraud risks in the cash receipts, cash disbursements, payroll and other functions • Establish effective internal controls to mitigate the risk of asset misappropriation schemes • Respond to an asset misappropriation scheme that has been identified