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Collaborative Learning Session of Psychology Graduate Students near Astoria
This group is for graduate students studying psychology who are looking to work collaboratively on studying, learning, and research. This is particularly useful for online students who are in need of student interaction, but is very effective for all psychology graduate students looking to exchange ideas and to collaborate on learning. The goal is to create a cohesive team and to collectively achieve academic excellence through relevant interaction, sharing, collaboration and maybe even friendship. The primary goal is collaborative learning, but the emergent opportunities from collaboration are endless. Hello :-) I am Kevin, the organizer for this meetup. I am a psychology graduate student at SNHU, a self-improvement/new-thought author and a full-time flight-attendant. Process: Everyone shall bring a project, research or homework assignment that will benefit from group input. First 10 minutes shall be spent connecting and on introductions. Then 80 minutes of rapid fire, full-energy contributions to each other's projects, sequentially, in a round-robin format. This could include typing out contributions, offering suggestions, providing alternate perspectives, helping with an assignment, saving someone who is drowning, or whatever contributions we can each make to each other. The last 30 minutes includes a 10 minute break. Then 20 minutes in an open session for any other business, e.g. potential collaborative research, book projects or entrepreneurial pursuits using our knowledge of psychology. Now for some gamification of our meetup! :-) At the end of the session, there is a confidential survey, where we rate each others' contributions to the group. Each member accrues points in various relevant categories (quality of contribution, volume of contribution, time savings achieved through provided insight, etc.), and over time we shall have rankings based on average individual statistics. This gamification is fun, done with a spirit of support, and is meant to encourage collaboration, MVP performance, individual commitment and energy. The way to become the GOAT is to help each other become academic greats! Our mission: Creating brilliant individual work, learning and insight, through collaboration, synergy, excellence and a touch of genius. See you there!

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3601 35th Avenue · Astoria, NY

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