Canceled Meetup

Nerf Zombie Apocalypse

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How the game will play?

(1)Each survivor has a total of three lives
(2)A round is over when either all survivors are dead or when they are out of ammo
(3)once darts or rockets have been shot they cannot be used again
(4)When zombies are hit they die for ten seconds
(5)The zombies can either run or walk
(6)To kill a player a zombie has to grab a player and pretend to bite them

(7)The objective of the game is to find the object the zombies have hidden

(8)Players divided into unequal teams 7 zombies 3 survivors

(9)Establish a safe room where the zombies cannot enter and where the survivors store weapons and ammo and where they can retreat too

(10) each player will switch after each round

Game Rules

(1) Nerf guns only

No bibi guns

No paintball guns

No water guns

No real gun(LOL but seriously )

Once you get caught by a zombie your done

No elbow to the face

No tackle take down

No wrestling with zombie

Last rule be respectful and just have fun