NYCNO 3 (New York City Nerf Outing)

This is a past event

12 people went

Location image of event venue


New year New war,
Lets gooo! The war starts AT THE FIELD 10:00 am EST, Saturday January 28th
It may be rainy. No raindate, bring extra clothes just in case. Nerf in the rain is fun anyway, LOCATION
Exact coordinates are :[masked], [masked]
Put that into google maps, we're going to MEET here and start playing. People who've been to past wars know where it is.

Get to the met andcheck one of the other links for a photo

1)Don't be a dick. We'll ask you to leave, just cooperate and listen
2)Anything you do that impedes the movement of the dart is a hit. From your shoelace to your blaster, to the fluffs of your hair and your loose t shirt.
3) Don't dartsweep until the rounds over. If you're dead or waiting to spawn, you don't dartsweep. You may if you're alive, but the field has to be cleared so there's no confusion of who's in or not.
4) I'm not going to outright ban any blaster, but you shouldn't be doing more than 150 FPS.
5) Call your hits. Cheating is despised and won't be tolerated,
6) No physical violence, common sense applies. Don't do what you don't want to be done unto you. There's a police station next to where we play
All rules will be stated again on site to clarify.

-Yourself (plus ones if possible)
-Good attitude
-Darts (lots, 100 at least I would say)
-Blaster(s) (loaners expected, not guranteed)
-Money (for food or water if needed) There will be an after party

GAMETYPES (will be explained on site)
Rounds are going to be shorter and fast paced, so we can have more rounds. Long drawn out rounds have not worked because there was so much attempted dartsweep

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