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Looking for Monday Motivation? It all starts with your mindset. Join me every Monday night at 7pm EST LIVE as I cover the pathway inward and the common barriers we meet on our journey back to the heart. What's great is I'll be able to answer any questions you have directly through Facebook Live. Consider this our own personal hangout. I invite you to join my tribe and know that you are never alone! Tune in Here for the Love and Inspiration:

Facebook: Sheri Homayoon · Astoria, NY

What we're about

"What you seek is seeking you." Wise words by the amazing poet, Rumi. My goal with this group is to educate and teach as many men, women, and couples about the power of self development and how it relates to our relationship with our self and with others. Self improvement focuses on shifting from a place of fear to a place of love from moment to moment. It involves awakening the giant within and not just as Tony Robbins would put it, but to truly awaken the spirit that lay within us all. I will encourage those that join our sessions to know that this will be a safe space to express who you are & simply be. As we are all on this journey through life together I will encourage those that see value in our sessions to invite those they know who are looking for a way to gain insight into their relationships. I first fell in love with developing my mindset and self 7 years ago. I've been teaching the mastery of Love, Self-Love and Self-Improvement for the past 2 years full time and invite other men, women, and couples interested in busting through their blocks to join me. I am a Full-Time Holistic Health Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, and a Health and Life Coach. I specialize in relationships and helping people release blocks of guilt, anger, sadness, depression, shame and other low vibing energies. I coach people on how to step into their greatness and unleash their power within.

Throughout this group, you will find sessions that educate on tantra practices, healing modalities as well as provide exercises that can be done solo and with a partner. This group is great for anyone that is already on the journey to the heart or is just starting their journey inward.

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