Astoria Tech Meetup #16 - Intro to p5.js


Hey neighbors!

Hope you've all shaken off the holiday haze, 'cause your favorite neighborhood tech meetup is back, and better than ever (at least by a little).

We're starting the decade with a treat for all the creative tech folks out there. If you've dealt with digital art, chances are you know about Processing. In short, Processing is a library and IDE which makes creating dynamic visuals easy with minimal programming.

And to make your creative projects even more accessible, there is a JavaScript Processing library called p5.js. It lets you run create and run your projects right in your browser.

So this month, we're excited to welcome Karioki Crosby as our guest speaker! As a creative technologist, digital literacy educator, robotics program manager, and community scholar, Karioki has been educating and empowering local communities in the ways of applying tech. At the meetup, he'll be giving us all an introduction to p5.js.

So come hang, talk, and learn how to be a sick digital artist, yo. 🎨

6:30 - 7:15: Open discussions (submit & view topics online*)
7:15 - 7:45: "Intro to p5.js" by Karioki Crosby
7:45 - 8:30: Community project planning

* Members of our community built our discussion web app, which allows anyone to submit topics that they'd like to discuss during the first part of the meetup. Feel free to submit any tech or tech-adjacent topics: