Flutter: From Design to a Working Prototype


Imagine this: your favorite designer sends you the wireframes for an app that you are really enthusiastic about. You decide to go with Flutter so that the app can be available on both Android and iOS at the same time. But, where should we start? What widgets should we use and when? How to structure the project? Do we have to create a full
backend just for this project? This talk aims to answer these questions, by going through the process of looking at a design for an application, translating it into Flutter Widgets and then using Firebase as a quick backend solution to have a working prototype in no time.

About the Speaker

Gonçalo Palma
I’m a passionate Flutter Developer and Open-Source advocate currently working full-time at Ianum. With Flutter, not only I discovered the passion for writing technical blog posts but I also discovered the power of open-source by creating, maintaining and contributing to multiple packages and apps, including Fogos.pt which shows the current fires in my home country, Portugal. Ultimately, my objective is to teach and to find ways to use our software skills and knowledge for good causes, such as non-profit organizations and social causes.

Medium: https://medium.com/@solid.goncalo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gonpalma


- How to look at design mockups and choosing the appropriate widgets
- Writing UI code in Flutter
- Navigation in Flutter
- Data Classes in Flutter
- A brief introduction to Firebase - database, and authentication

Practical Takeaways

How to go from an idea to a design mockup to a fully working MVP
(minimum viable product) using Flutter

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