Manipulated Behavior - Insights Into Humans’ Subconscious Decision-making


People have always been and will be the key to any business - as a target audience, as employees, as CEO's of large and small companies and as start-up entrepreneurs. The ability to understand human behavior is the holy grail of marketing because we all have hidden triggers that dictate our every move, and today there are a variety of scientific fields that help today's marketers influence our perceptions, decisions, and the next purchase. Neurology, genetics, physiology, and psychology - new tools for online and offline businesses.

About the Speaker:
Mr. Girts Polis

The first part (15 years) of Girts career was spent with a premium German car brand and Norwegian business management culture. During that time he has had the chance to be responsible for the 4Ps - product, price, promotion, and policies.

During the last period of his professional experience, he has helped a local company reorganize its marketing eco-environment and shift functions and operations towards new goals and he is driving international business for a global company.

In parallel to the above, Girts actively involved in various local and international projects, mentoring young entrepreneurs, lecturing or giving keynotes on new marketing tools and marketing trends.

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Meetup Agenda:
Examples of everyday human manipulation (as a warmup).
Examples of psychology in fundamental communication.
Examples of mistreatment of neurology vs useful neurology tools that actually can help businesses.
Examples of how genetics influence human behavior and it's meaning in marketing.

Practical Takeaways:
As a new start-up, you have to focus on people, not consumers and not profit. Helping people out, by understanding what are their needs and desires, fears and limitations give one huge advantage in the fierce marketplace of any business. Learn at least 3 of the many manipulators that I will share with you and be aware of how marketers are using them daily.

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