Customer Journey Mapping - Step Into Your Customers Shoes


Startups are passionate about their product, and several have tremendous research into the problem space they are trying to solve. Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) allows them to synthesize their understanding of the problem space in a visual and highly engaging way and also provides them, and their teammates, an opportunity to align on how they can provide their prospects a seamless end-to-end experience. EPIC CJM workshops also allow them to immerse themselves in the customer/users journey and develop context around the problem they are solving. This helps UI/ UX designers and product designers to develop better empathy with their eventual product users and greatly supports their design process.

About the Speaker:

Amongst the first few Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) in the region, and a Chartered Accountant, with over 19 years of experience in professional services ranging across customer experience, business strategy, operations and technology consulting, financial audit, and technology audit and governance. Ghulam's broad-based experience has spanned across several industries ranging from cause-driven startups, real estate developers, retail, automobile distributors, banking, to healthcare, and energy and transportation players in the government sector. Ghulam has worked at premium organizations such as Ernst & Young and Deloitte Consulting among others before setting up his own customer experience firm EPIC in Dubai, UAE.

In recent years, Ghulam and his colleagues at EPIC Consulting have designed and conducted a variety of physical as well as online customer journey mapping (CJM) workshops and webinars. These workshops, and corporate webinars, have been designed for and conducted with audiences ranging from corporate teams, innovation, agile, design & UX community members in Europe, Africa Middle East and Asia, and the startup and entrepreneur communities represented by individual members as well as members at the Dubai government-sponsored incubator In5. Furthering their passion and conviction in Customer Journey Mapping, team EPIC has also designed and launched an online CJM awareness-raising videocast in which they interview journey mapping gurus from across the globe and share their experiences and tips online on EPIC's YouTube channel.


- What is CX and why it is Important in Today's Age
- The secret sauce of CX: What’s so special about CX?
- What's the role of journey maps in CX
- Why is Journey Mapping Significant for UX and Product Design
- Driving Digital Transformation
- How are journey maps used
- Role Up Your Sleeves, A Little Bit of Fun Mapping
- Retrospect and next steps

Practical Takeaways:

1. Understanding of a great framework to understand the experience they deliver to their prospects/customers
2. Get a basic grip of how to do customer journey mapping with their teammates in order to build a common understanding of how they're trying to make a difference to their customers
3. Understanding the importance of journey maps in their UX and Product space

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