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‘TRE’ – is as wonderful, noninvasive form of therapy that once learnt becomes a tool for you to use for the rest of your life, enabling you to release deep chronic tension, anxiety and stress.

TRE works on physical, mental and emotional aspects of the human being, restoring harmony and balance.‘TRE’ – is as wonderful, noninvasive form of therapy that once learnt becomes a tool for you to use for the rest of your life, enabling you to release deep chronic tension, anxiety and stress.This simple set of exercises initiates a self-regulation response which releases these tension patterns. It is a biological response which ‘resets’ the nervous system. You can learn to do this on your own, safely and easily. The effects of TRE are cumulative and can have positive effect on conditions such as: anxiety, PTSD, Low Back Pain, Irritable Bowel and many other stress related symptoms.

Come experience TRE, a gentle, simple and powerful way to release tension, trauma and stress by activating a deep, inner tremor that all mammals can use to help them return to health and balance.

Each class is an individual class, so you can attend just one, or all, or a few, you can choose. The classes are to learn the process, and then ongoing classes support your home practice, or are self regulation tool.

This is an amazing tool for helping the body let go of deep, chronic patterns. They are remarkably simple and the process of change they facilitate is very easy to self regulate. The goal of the exercises is to start a self directed tremoring process. The tremors are deeply natural and release tension and trauma held in the body. Once you have learnt the exercises, and can feel and allow the tremors, you just let the body do its own healing and clearing out of overwhelming experiences. It really can be that easy.

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Come to a group session, or book a one to one session to experience this exciting process of re-balancing the body’s nervous system. TRE was developed by Dr David Berceli, a Bio-Energetic and Trauma Therapist who discovered how to use the innate ability of the body to find and discharge physical patterns of tension or trauma in a safe and effective manner.

Who is Josef Steiner?


Josef Steiner runs a busy Biodynamic Craniosacral practice in Naduir, Galway www.naduir.blogspot.com (http://www.naduir.blogspot.com/) He trained in BCST at the Karuna institute with Franklyn Sills and Colin Perow. He has been involved as a tutor for Body Intelligence Ireland with Steve Haines from the very beginning. Josef has entertained a deep interest in Mind-body arts for many years. He has studied Aikido for 30 years and has been an Aikido teacher for over 20 years. He is continuously inspired by movement art and music, he plays the Violoncello and practices and teaches the Argentine tango. Since his childhood in the Austrian Alps he has kept a deep connection to the natural world and maintains a self sufficient life style exploring organic gardening methods, nutrition, food preservation and beekeeping. www.j-steiner.com (http://www.j-steiner.com/)

Josef Steiner Clinic click HERE (http://www.j-steiner.com/)


Simple video above that explains TRE

What is TRE?
'The Revolutionary TRE Release Process', Dr David Berceli, book or ebook
'TRE: Step By Step', Dr David Berceli, downloadable DVD

There is also a TRE phone app: ‘Stress Less TRE’

For a non scary introduction to trauma and how to overcome it:
'Trauma Is Really Strange' Comic book on trauma by Steve Haines
www.traumaisreallystrange.com (http://www.traumaisreallystrange.com/)

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