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What is happening around the country? The globe? The solar system? The universe? Is Humanity at the Edge of an evolutionary shift to a new paradigm? To a new way of living? To a new mindset? Or to maybe even a new dimension (5D)? This participatory forum seeks to recognize that the time we are in is a unique time of events, one of opportunities limited only to our own Points of View (POV).

The intent of At Wits Edge (5D) is to meet in person and focus on sharing our experiences from as close to the Edge of a number of different realities. It is an effort to broaden our individual points of view while being intrigued and fascinated by others. It is an opportunity to not only journey to the Edge of issues and see their vastness, their connectedness and to gain clarity in this view, but to actually step beyond our own Wits and into what may actually be the 5th Dimension.

And why do this? Because beyond that Edge is where it gets expansively exciting.

The general format for AWE meetups (targeted semi-weekly to start):

> Check-in: Share updates of what we see that exemplifies this is in fact a unique time

> Video clips: Watch various reports At Wits Edge around the World. The internet has become this amazing global repository of such reports. We are able to share our wildest observations individual to individual. Today is like no other time of recollected history because of this connectedness.

> Interactive comments: It is important that we respectfully interject our own viewpoints and observations to the topics raised each meetup.

The following is a partial list of the type of topics covered. These topics are often viewed as controversial and the intent is venture to the Edge of our own Wits and look at the topics from varying viewpoints objectively. This is a deep and exciting, yet Light-Hearted introduction into potentially mammoth topics. It is a chance to explore our wildest conjectures, collaboratively unraveling significant pieces to age-old unsolved puzzles.

From the Edge we can see 360x∞. It is an incredible time to be alive.

Join us with your viewpoints to see with AWE,

what lies beyond At Wits Edge ...and into 5D.

Topics from the POV of the New Paradigm:

•Crop Circles •Role of Off-Worlds (ETs)

•DNA Evolution: 2 --> 12 Strand •Rewriting History

•Lei Lines •Role of Money / Finance

•3D Density •Mayan Calendars

•Meditation Practices •Light

•2012 Alignment •Gobekli Tepe

•Giza Plateau •Inner Earth

•Myths •Battlestar Galactica

•Trail Markers (eg in movies) •Star Trek Universe

•Love (the energy of creation) •UFOs (on- and off-world)

•DNA Strand 1: Self-Preservation •Integration of Nanotech

•DNA Strand 2 – Reproduction •Mars Artifacts

•Education •Principled Systems

•Indigenous Teachings •Hyper-dimensional Physics

•Hubble’s Eye to the Universe •Time

•Creating Energy Anchors •Akashic Field

•Symbolism •It’s in the Between Space

•Indigo/Crystal (children) Energy •Atlantis and Lemuria

•Adam’s Calendar / Stone Circles •Nibiru and the Anunnaki

•Harmonics •Water

•Incarnation and Reincarnation •Consciousness

•Discernment •Intentional Co-creation

•Old Paradigm •Holographs

•Star People •Zero Point Energy

•Earth’s Moon •Solar System Anomalies

•Entanglement and Teleportation •Technology from Magick

•Intuit-ing •Crystal Skulls

•Power of Elementals •On The Fly

And from the dark side (to understand):

•HAARP •Chemtrails

•Fluoridation •Drugging of Society

•Secret Space Program •Secret societies

•911 / 7-7 alternative viewpoints •Dismantling US Society

•Money energies – derivatives •Protocols of the Elders

When are Meetups:

Presently, there are two regularly scheduled with flexible locations (primarily N Seattle at this time).

Each 13th of the month at 12 Noon

Each 30th of the month at 8 PM

Also holding special meetups for live events or as called for (given the current state of events).

Also looking at creating a library meetup on specific weekdays for viewing information via internet.

AWE (At Wits Edge) is now on Facebook and Twitter (although still works in process).

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Let's talk about orgonite, subtle energy & sacred geometry.

Who makes, believes and incorporates sacred geometry, orgonite, crystals and other beliefs and tools into their daily lives. How can this effect and shape ourselves, our community our government and possibly even connect with other realms and beings. Are these forms of ancient technology from past civilizations that have surfaced again, and why?

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