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Let’s play modern board games together in the comfort of our homes, where the drinks aren’t $2.50 a piece and play time isn’t based on business hours.

We open our residence to other gamers to meet fellow enthusiasts and play our collection of over 500 modern board games. Our game collection ranges from thematic to euros to party games, filler, to light, to medium, to heavy.

Some favorites include 7 Wonders, Dark Moon, Stockpile, Among the Stars, Dead of Winter, and Bohnanza. We are not, however, much interested in the classic titles such as Monopoly, Game of Life, Risk, Uno, etc.

Our philosophy on gaming is simple: Everyone should have fun at the table, win or lose. This means we welcome those who; want to win but are gracious when losing, respect others by being attentive to their fellow players and the changing board, allow one person to teach a game by holding all comments or additional information until the end of the explanation.

Guests are welcome to bring snacks and soft drinks and we will provide light refreshments as well. Also please bring any games you might wish to play!

As this is a private residence we ask that:

• guests be mindful of noise when entering and leaving the residence to include car stereo volume

• only adults attend and this does mean we are unfortunately unable to welcome infants and toddlers

• no illicit substances are brought or consumed

• no smoking or vaping within or directly near the residence

• recycling is placed in the appropriate provided container

• parking spaces utilized are those not immediately near the residence unless mobility is a factor

Shuffle the deck, pass the dice, and put out the tokens. Let's play more games!

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