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The drawing of a model is not a photography.

This is the only place where the mirror of representation shatters into a thousand pieces. If you don't believe that, that a real piece of the living model comes in the drawing, then you shouldn't draw.

The act of faith of the drawing a living model carries into the paper or the canvas real shards stolen to life.

Free translation from: “Modèle vivant”, Joan Sfar, éd: Albin Michel


• The session will begin with a time for relaxation and letting go.

• Then, based on your perception of the model, you will have several periods of time to give yourself the opportunity to draw what you are ready to make your feelings visible.

• The session will end by sharing; you will have the opportunity to express yourself on how you feel and have lived this experience.

• Caring and listening will be the two main values that will support the process and we are committed to upholding them

Duration: 2h00

Price: 25 € / session, 125 € / 6 sessions. Bank account: BE43 0636 2190 2401

Number of place: max 4.

Reservation confirmed after payment:

Place:.1200 Brussels

More info: phth@live.fr


CovidPass required,

The address (1200) will be specified upon payment

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Life drawing workshop

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Life drawing workshop

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