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Monthly Social Dinner
Each month we gather at a city pubfor a meal, a few drinks, and a chat about anything and everything. Whether you have only recently walked away from religion, or have been an atheist for a long time, you're welcome to come along and hang out for a few hours in a friendly atmosphere. The monthly social MeetUps, sponsored by the Humanist Society of SA (HSSA), are a great way to meet fellow atheists and be a part of the greater atheist community in South Australia. (Check out "about us" at the MeetUp site for the SA Humanists here (, or the external website for the national organization The-Council-of-Australian-Humanist-Societies (

The Duke of Brunswick Hotel - DoB

207 Gilbert Street · Adelaide

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What we're about

This Meetup group is provided as a free event to the whole community of South Australian Atheist, agnostic and non-religious people to find out about events that may be relevant to them. It is sponsored by the Humanist Society of South Australia (HSSA); Follow the links below for more information at *. For HSSA membership details see below at **.

This Atheist Community aims to :

1. Work to further unite and expand the Atheist community by hosting social events, promoting sceptical and rational discussion, and providing a safe and inclusive environment for those questioning their religion

2. Advocate for a true secular society with a separation of church and state, and the removal of all religious privilege under the law

3. Publicly challenge claims regarding truth and existence that are based on superstition and religious dogma

4. Increase the public understanding that atheism is compatible with an ethical, rational, and compassionate philosophy

5. Participate in community service and humanitarian projects

* Follow these links for more information on Humanism; Who are the Humanists-Society-SA? , ( What is Humanism? (, The Humanists here on MeetUp. (

** For HSSA membership details see here; HSSA Membership (

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