What we're about

The intention for this MeetUp Group is to bring together like-minded spiritual beings on similar paths of self-discovery.

Our very own Wellness Society.

My spiritual teacher once told me from her own experience that "The spiritual path can be a very lonely one." I believe it no longer has to be that way. We now have the means to unite and share our experiences with one another as we create new ones.

Together we will explore various modalities of Wellness and Spirituality. Some examples include:

-Holistic Health and Healing Techniques
Meditation/ Mindfulness, Reiki, Nutrition, Supplements, Chiropractic care, Fitness, Living Greener, Etc

-Spiritual Teachings and Practices
God, Astrology, Numerology, The Tarot, Palmistry, Philosophy, Ascended master study, The Universe, Etc

*Not everyone needs to have the same Belief System, all backgrounds and beliefs are welcome. You can attend the events that speak to you.
*This is a JUDGEMENT FREE group. We practice Universal Love.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Your Humble Organizer,

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