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The new entrepreneurship era is all about customers and their problems Lean Startup is a collection of techniques built around maximizing validated customer learning thought fast Build/Measure/Learn iteration loops. We're a group of entrepreneurs taking lean startup and customer development techniques to practice in our startups. We're ready to talk implementation and share data from our experiments. We welcome new people to see what Lean Startups is all about. * The Lean Startup is a trademark and service mark owned by Eric Ries. *

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I received several requests for help in a group format. So, I decided to put together Mastermind groups for startups. The sessions will be completely online (Google Hangout) and they will be conducted in English, since the participants are international. These are small groups of five to eight people who want to start or accelerate the growth of their company. They will meet once or twice a month to discuss the problems they face and the action they should be taking. The members will keep in touch through social media and emails, so that continuity and accountability is firmly established. The groups are divided into the ones for startups (less than 2 years old) and the ones for established businesses (more than 2 years old). They will be supervised and mentored by Dr. Constantina Katsari- Muston. During the meetings of the startup groups, I will advise you on the best way to increase the chances of success and I will use lean methodology to speed up your progress. We will focus on building the core of the business, that is the customer base. The meetings will also give special attention to sales and new marketing techniques. During the meetings of the business growth acceleration groups, we will focus on cutting down on waste and building a secure base, from which you will spring forward. There will be discussions on growth acceleration processes and advice on how to achieve the best optimal results. Lean methodology will be the core of our theoretical framework. I am a strong believer in creating scalable businesses with the least possible waste. I work intensively and I am results oriented. So, I hope that you are of the same mind. I have been practicing lean for the past three and a half years. So, by now it is very much part of my life (not just my business). During the meeting, each participant will present his/her idea/ business. S/he will explain what actions s/he took during the previous meeting in order to achieve his/ her business goals. Then s/he will elaborate on what problems s/he faced; problems s/he needs help for. Finally, s/he will set his/her goals, which should be achieved by the next meeting. As a group, we will try to offer advice/ alternatives to the participants. As a mentor/ advisor, I will bring my own experience and advice. If I cannot help but I have a contact that can help with the problem, I will make arrangements for the participant to talk to him/her. It is very important to have synergy in the group. New members will be accepted, only if everyone agrees to their entrance. We should establish an element of trust, since we will be working together to achieve our most intimate goals (business wise). We should also focus on giving to the group, rather than just taking. The process will be intense, so the members should be committed to attending the meetings regularly. Each month specific targets will be set and achieved in order to move the business fast forward. 1000s of mastermind groups exist across the globe but only a handful of them address the needs of startups through lean methodology. Take advantage of this opportunity today, especially since availability is restricted. For more details and prices send me an email through the Meetup.

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