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Running iOS Apps on a Mac and exploring the Natural Language Framework

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Happy New Year!

The first meetup of the year will take place on Thursday February 7 @ 18:30 at Advantage FSE premises (map:

This time we are really excited to host two speakers from Prague (note that the talks will be in English). Jan Kaltoun will show us how to hack iOS Apps to run on macOS and Jan Schwarz will build a hate blocker using the Natural Language Framework.

More details on each talk can be found bellow.

★ Hacking iOS apps to run on macOS (Jan Kaltoun, STRV)

Description: This talk is about my experience with Marzipan and UIKit on macOS. In the presentation I show how to convert an iOS app to macOS and explain how UIKit on macOS works, together with a bit of history and how we got to the current state. I also hack around with Apple's Marzipan apps and private frameworks to unlock as of yet unavailable features for my own app.

Bio: I'm an iOS platform lead at STRV, currently based in Prague. I’ve been developing iOS apps since the first version of Swift came out back in 2014. Apart from traditional iOS development my focus is on Swift language as a whole, Augmented Reality and Swift on backend. Before working with iOS I used to be a web developer and integrator of large-scale mobile payment solutions.


★ Build a hate blocker with Natural Language Framework (Jan Schwarz, STRV)

Description: In this approximately 45 minutes long talk I present how to build a hate blocker by using only iOS and macOS frameworks. After a quick intro to Natural Language Processing I talk about Natural Language Framework that was introduced in iOS 12 and tackles many NLP tasks. Then I show how to train a simple text classifier in macOS 10.14 using CreateML Framework. Finally, during a live coding session I demonstrate how training dataset influences accuracy of a machine learning model.

Bio: I'm an iOS Platform lead at STRV. I joined Apple development community when iOS 7 ruled the world and since then I have been interested in everything that has been happening in iOS. Back in the day, when I studied at a university I focused on mathematical linguistics so when Natural Language Framework was introduced in iOS 12 it immediately draw my attention.


During the break you can enjoy free 🍺 & 🍕 offered by Advantage FSE and socialize.

📚 We will also give away as door prizes three e-books offered by

🍺🍹Right after the event do come and join us at Nālu right across the street, for beers and socializing, kindly offered by STRV.

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