Contentent | Mini Meditation Retreat


We can often be so focused on what we think is missing in our life that we neglect to appreciate what we have. When we take time to cultivate the wisdom of gratitude, a feeling of contentment naturally arises, allowing us to flow through life with a happy mind.

Contentment helps us navigate the difficulties of daily life with a peaceful and positive mind.

In this retreat, experience more happiness and harmony through cultivating the mind of contentment.

This mini meditation retreat is led by Gen Kelsang Chokyi, Buddhist nun and Resident Teacher at AKBC. Suitable for all levels of experience. Everyone is welcome.

$25, $15 for seniors, students, and FP members
No registration required. Pay at the door.

10–11am Teaching and guided meditation
(15-minute break)
11:15am–12pm Teaching and guided meditation
(15-minute​ break)
12:15–1pm Teaching, guided meditation, and Q&A