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Riemann and core.async

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We will have two speakers at our April meeting.

Jace Bennett will be presenting "Riemann: Clojure <3 Ops"

Riemann applies Clojure's power and flexibility to the problem of monitoring distributed systems. It can aggregate events from your systems and apps, and provide a platform for capture, trend analysis, notification, and even automatic mitigation. It can also provide a lower risk path to introduce Clojure to your organization.

Rick Hall will be presenting "core.async: Writing asynchronous code without threads or promises"

Stay out of callback hell. core.async introduces Go style channels to both Clojure and ClojureScript, making it easier to coordinate threads in Clojure and providing threadlike behavior in ClojureScript.

Socializing and pizza at 6:30pm, presentations at 7:00pm.