Past Meetup

Essentials for pregnancy, birth and baby. Free educational night with giveaways!


FREE Giveaways, sponsored by Comfort & Harmony, Babies R Us and ISIS!

Mombo nursing pillows, organic baby care and more giveaways!

Hands on learning for baby wearing, cloth diapers, dads at births, nursing tips, baby care and more!

This center also offers: free childbirth classes, free pregnancy, parenting and breastfeeding support groups, free breasfeeding classes, prenatal yoga, prenatal massage, chiropractic, lactation consultations and bra fitting, pregnancy products, bellydancing and more!

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Food, prizes, resources and free childbirth/postpartum education!

We are offering demonstrations and education on natural newborn care, postpartum mother care and precautions, baby wearing options, cloth diapering, pregnancy nutrition, breastfeeding and essential oils for pregnancy, birth and newborn care.

Popular monthly topics:

-Baby positioning by 32 weeks, avoiding a c-section doesn’t just mean head down!
-Dads at Births – feeling confident and prepared rather than scared and helpless
-Hospital List! What you must remember and what your doctor may not share.
-Diastasis Recti – avoiding permanent abdominal separation, prevention and repair
-Breastfeeding success- birth is the easy part, taking the baby home is another story
-Going back to work or staying home? Transitioning and postpartum depression prevention.
-Pelvic floor damage prevention – pregnancy, birth and postpartum tips!