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Skydiving -Take the plunge

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Price: $285.00 /per person
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Prepare to have the best water cooler story next Monday morning - a story of adventure, adrenaline and pure, unadulterated joy. This will be an exciting time of your life.

For your first jump we will be doing a tandem jump with certified jump masters, it’s the most popular way to dive right into this amazing experience. They will not take persons weighing over 220 lbs. Then, hit them with the climax - how you, with a professional jumper on your back (literally), shot out of the plane hurtling toward earth at 120 miles.

We will be at a 9,000 square foot indoor climate controlled skydive training facility (Not merely an open airplane hanger or a tent but a comfortable place to relax and enjoy your skydiving experience)A 2,400 square foot outdoor observation deck so that you can observe the action.Indoor CLIMATE CONTROLLED observation area.

Picnic area with both standard picnic tables and oversized picnic tables for larger groups (This is also a great viewing area)..Classroom, with parachute training simulator.The latest in modern state of the art equipment including, all Zero Porosity, state of the art reliable main canopies, digital altimeters, computerized CYPRESS AAD's (Automatic Activation Devices)on ALL 47 parachute rig systems.The largest professional skydiving staff in the Eastern United States.

After more than 30 seconds of free fall, the instructor pulled the rip-chord, as you went from lightning fast to lackadaisically drifting downward, checking out the aerial views below. And with the soft landing, it was big smiles and big ups from the other jumpers.

No refunds after May 1st

You must be 18+ to jump.

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