Past Meetup

Alayna's Birthday Dinner & VA-HI Pub Crawl!


I always make a big deal about birthdays, much to the chagrin of many of my friends. Not just mine, but everyone's----and mostly mine. :P Because my birthday falls between Christmas and New Year's Eve (December 29th), it can be hard to get a large group together...but for those who do show up, you know we always have a memorable time. Last year was 1920's Murder Mystery. The year before, Middle Eastern-themed with a tarot card reader.

This year, in the spirit of me growing up in the Northeast, we're doing an old-fashioned pub crawl where you can actually walk around a neighbourhood! Woo hoo! We're heading over to dinner at 8 PM for food atSurin of Thailand, a pretty awesome Thai restaurant that tends to get overlooked because of its location. Prices are reasonable, and it's a good place for laid-back dining, conversation, and martinis.

After dinner, those who are interested will begin a quest to drink, find dessert, make new friends, find music, dance, be merry, and do whatever it is small groups of people do at pubs. If, somehow, we end up somewhere Spontaneity is awesome!

Is there a theme? Why, yes, of course there is! The theme is Winter Masquerade, which means you can adorn yourself as simply or as elaborately as you wish. (trust me, as a group, we will stand out, and probably meet people everywhere we go!) Ladies, consider wearing masques of any kind, painting or bedazzling your faces, adding hats, feathers, gloves, and anything that sparkles and shines to your look. Gentlemen, masks, hats, gloves, ties, bow ties, and anything else that makes you look dapper and unique is encouraged. White, silver, red, green, and gold are all traditional December colours. Let your unconventional, unique-experience side out to play---after all, it is MY birthday! *laughs*

Hopefully we can park once and wander. Parking is the tricky part of Va-Hi. Wear comfy shoes and understand that it may be 25 degrees and snowy, or 65 degrees and you'll want to chop the sleeves off of your outfit. Atlanta is like that. :/ Carpooling is a great idea, as is bringing a DD.

Please indicate in your RSVP if you're coming to dinner, meeting up with us for the pub crawl (approximately 10:30), or both. The restaurant needs a firm head count...don't stress me out with no-shows on my b-day!!

I hope to see many of you there to celebrate!:)