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November Sci-Fi Marathon and Holiday Potuck

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Thanskgiving will soon be upon us, and this marathon will include a pot luck, so please bring a dish to share. (If you don't cook, that's ok, store-bought is just fine.) Please add your dish to the comments so we can coordinate.

I'm hosting a science fiction marathon on the big screen with surround sound at my home in Roswell. I have Firefly/Serenity, BSG, Stargate, Star Trek, Star Wars, Dollhouse, Buffy, Farscape, LotR, Aliens and more on Blu-Ray/DVD.... And you're welcome to bring your own!

Past events have included showings of Firefly, The Guild, Dr. Horrible, The Matrix, Fanboys, Galaxy Quest, the Princess Bride, The Big Bang Theory, Underworld, TRON, Space Battleship Yamato, Dark City, The Hulk, Alien, Donnie Darko and The Dark Crystal. I have also shared pictures and video from past Dragon*Cons.
This event may tentatively feature: new episodes of The Guild Season 6, Doctor Who or The Muppets Movie and Dragon*Con 2012 video.

(Location will be sent directly to new attendees by email prior to event.)

Parking: please pack the driveway full. I can fit 6 cars in there...

For questions, send me email here or call me @ 678-439-6458.

(There is and never will be a charge for these marathon events.)