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BE PRESENT With vast potential and infinite possibilities as your toy box and with time and the whole world as your playground can you allow yourself to imagine…… then allow the mysteries and the creative powers of your creative being reveal itself in your experiences…….. Let us wakeup. One who is asleep will only dream. Together our events, activities, and discussions manifest a state of family,,, friendship,,, and it generates infinite possibilities. Imagine a group of like minded, amazing souls engaged in fun loving, and harmony building activities.

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Experience the Now fully. Learn how to stop the constant chatter. Learning to be fully present is not some mystical experience reserved for only a special few. The Power Of Now And A New Earth is available to each and everyone of us here and now. No one would consciously choose to operate in the suffering of the past or the fears of the future, that would be insane and "no one is consciously insane". It's about letting go, acceptance, surrender, judgments, and fully experiencing each moment as it is, without needing it to be different, and these are just a few of the uplifting qualities taught here.

We start each group with ten minutes of silence. Then, we listen to a chapter from Eckhart's audio books and discuss, explore, and share techniques with each other to put his teachings into daily practice. We remind each other to be present and aware throughout the group. I would love to see you at our next meetup! Eckhart Tolle's writings and discourses have made him one of the most important teachers of our generation, with thousands showing up to hear him teach. Eckhart teachings are here, found within a group of men and women just like yourself who feel drawn to discovering their true nature. So come join us at our next meetup (see our monthly calendar) and experience for yourself what it means to be truly present! Looking forward to meeting each and every one of you.

Peace, Russell Morrison

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