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A group of friends who evolved over time, we like a lot of different things from gaming (video, board, card, RPG, etc..) to cooking, to movies. If you don't feel like you fit in, in general then you probably will here. The group was deleted a while ago, but now to quote Bender Bending Rodríguez, "We're back baby!"

We aren't trying to be the biggest Meetup Group. There are plenty of other groups out there that have huge events. Some of them are:

20 Somethings of Cobb County, 35UP! Social and Activity Group, Georgia Adventure Group, Atlanta Gamer's Guild, Metro Atlanta Geeks

Those are great groups, and have huge events with a lot of people. In general we do things a little more low key. We concentrate on being friendly and fun group of people who actually hang out on occasion. if that sounds more your speed fantastic!

We will sometimes go on extended quests for the best of something in Atlanta. Like the best burger in Atlanta, so you'll see events for that sort of thing, as well as Movie Nights, Game Nights, Drive-In, Live Theatre, Hiking in the actual outdoors... we do a lot of different things, and are always open for suggestion for new things to do.

In order to keep this an "active group of friends who do things", we remove members who have not visited the meetup page in over 6 months. It's nothing personal, but we want to keep this a group of people who actively do things. If you haven't even looked at the page in over half a year, we assume "active" doesn't really apply.

We are pretty accepting and understanding, and we understand that things come up. However, there are a few things that can get you removed and banned from the group:

1) Acting like a shithead, to the point where multiple people are motivated to complain about you.
2) No-showing to an event with an active waitlist.
3) Canceling on an event where the host paid in advance based on RSVPs.

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