What we're about

The only prerequisites and rules are.
1. Always have a mindful-OPEN-mind, and no discriminating or negativity.
2. Be genuinely seeking Friendship and Fellowship, without ulteriors.

All are welcome: Gay, Straight, Men, Women, Transgender,... Coupled members will be prominent, but we will also have many singles here, as real friendship does not discriminate, and when life happens and situations change, our doors of fellowship do not close.

In a world where there is truly only hookup apps, and many in social scenes are also of lower standards, this meetup is for those who just would like to meet other couples who are genuine, good-hearted folks, who would like to bypass ulterior motives for real friendships that will last for all time.

We are homebody's, AND occasional or frequent bar hoppers/clubbers. We seek other couples to Just hangout, cookout, movie nights (out and in), favorite show get togethers, game nights, sports watching, party with, go to events and festivals with (Gotta love the A), share in many other mutual interest activities.

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