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Casting Call - High Stakes Game Feature Film
Audition Nonunion Unpaid We're casting for an upcoming suspense thriller about a high stakes poker game, which includes some race relation discussion and a supernatural element. Characters: House (Lead) - Male, 40-50 Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race, Caucasian A loan shark with a love of gambling and a flare for the dramatic. He lives by Frank Sinatra’s song/view “I did it my way.” He’s very up front, in your face, larger than life. Kelli (Lead) - Female, 28-35 Ethnicity: Caucasian Kelli is a good suburban Christian wife who is trying to save her husband’s life. They need $175k in order to get an experimental procedure that could save him and come here in a last ditch effort to borrow it from the only person anyone in her family knows who has that kind of money. Rev (Lead) - Male, 40-50 Ethnicity: African American Rev is the pastor of a local church. He took over his father's church, and is trying to make it a more progressive, (he's more of a teacher than a hoopin' hollerin' preacher). He is sincere and loves God, but he's having a very strange day. Tyree (Supporting) - Male, 22-27 Ethnicity: African American Tyree walks in as a stereotypical hard young thug. He has a teardrop tattoo under his left eye, among others. He has come to play House in a game of poker. Willie (Supporting) - Male, 28-35 Ethnicity: African American Willie is Tyree's older brother. Willie comes across as fairly simple, but he's actually wise. He is a survivor of thug life, mainly by being wise enough to avoid the really bad stuff while he watched a number of his friends go down. John (Supporting) - Male, 30-40 Ethnicity: African American John is Kelli's husband. He's sick. John’s recently accepted that he’s not going to get what he needs. He’s expecting to die, and really wants his wife to accept it too. Kevin (Supporting) - Male, 25-30 Ethnicity: Caucasian Kelli’s younger, wilder brother. A smoldering unkempt looking mechanic. A former associate of House, Kevin is in love with Lissa, but they aren't together. Lissa (Supporting) - Female, 18-23 Ethnicity: Caucasian Lissa is House’s assistant. She belongs to him. She is also packing and will defend him when needed. She’s pretty but beleaguered under the weight of all House does and her lack of freedom. She likes Kevin, but doesn’t see how they can have a future, so has pretty much given up. Debra (Supporting) - Female, 25-55 Ethnicity: Asian Debra has been following House for the last several days, waiting to hear word and building up her nerve. She has a gun and has come here to kill him. Jake (Supporting) - Male, 35-50 Ethnicity: Flexible Jake owns the bar and bartends. Jake is also strangely loyal to House. He's really quick with a shotgun behind the bar or fists elsewhere. EXTRAS: There are also seven roles for additional characters, some with lines. Those who cannot make it to the audition on Nov. 28th are welcome to submit a video audition. To do so, please submit the following to [masked]: * Your contact information * Headshot * Resume * Link to video submission or full video file via * Optional: reel Your video submission should include: * Your slate information (name, age, city, SAG-Aftra status, representation if any, etc) * A brief statement about yourself and why you're interested in acting or this film in particular. * Your favorite film * Your favorite television show * Either a monologue or the character's part from High Stakes you're pursuing in the PDF posted on the Forkshop website below: Please bring a copy of your resume and headshot to the audition.

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