Mixed bag (w/ Xdebug at the minimum)

This is a past event

10 people went


Hi Everyone,

This time I'm planning this one way in advance, in the hope to get a few more people here in April. Surely, the turnout this month was certainly due to my fault in last minute planning, scheduling, and just plain good ol' fashioned procrastination. Anyway, I'll promise to make an extra effort not to let that happen again.

In talking with the group this last meetup, it appeared that no one had used Xdebug with phpstorm and Laravel. I couldn't believe it! So I definitely want to show everyone how great this tool is, and how "relatively" easy it is to set this up with homestead (or any other vagrant box, honestly).

ALSO, I'd love to start hearing from anyone with their favorite libraries that are either in or not in the standard Laravel core. I think if we had a meeting (even this next one) - where we'd have a group of people giving 15+ minute talks on some of their favorite libraries and how they use them - it would be greatly educational to everyone.

BONUS (or buffer talk): You guys know I can talk up a storm, but I dont' want to be the only one talking - so, I'm slowly working on a smallish talk on GIT-LFS. Let me know if you're interested!