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History of Bodypainting

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“History of Bodypainting”, a presentation by Scott Fray and Madelyn Greco, followed by a wine reception at 7:00 pm.

This is a FREE presentation.

In the long story of the human being, tracing back through history perhaps as ancient as man, people have been painting on skin. The methods and media may have altered thru the ages, but undoubtedly the instinct to decorate the flesh was always accessible. the intention of these early artists? To celebrate a life change such as birth, coming of age, marriage or death? An elevation in status, like decorating a warrior or paying homage to a tribal leader? A tribute to our animal brethren with mimicry, or perhaps adopting their coloring and patterns to invoke protection or as camouflage for the hunt? In this presentation, we explore these questions and juxtapose them against imagery and artist statements from the modern bodypainting movement. Do the same impulses that drove early man propel us to create this ephemeral art work? Who are the artists and influences on the current vanguard of the scene and how is their work changing public perception of the art form? What does this all mean to you, as an artist who has chosen skin as their canvas, a canvas that can feel, think, emote and in which already exists an identity and a soul?

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