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Atlanta Node.js July Meeting
NOTICE: THE DAY OF THE NODE MEETUP HAS CHANGED TO THE THIRD TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH. Please update your calendars. Hello Peeps! I am really excited to announce that Joyent is providing our speaker for this month’s meeting! Colin Ihrig will present Introduction to libuv: What's a Unicorn Velociraptor? libuv is what gives Node.js its event loop and cross-platform asynchronous I/O capabilities. This talk explains what libuv is all about, and how it's used by Node.js. This talk also looks at recent development efforts in the libuv project. This talk will touch on the following concepts: An introduction to libuv. This includes basics such as what libuv is, what it provides (APIs, event loop, etc.), and the team behind it. Event loop basics. Recent development efforts in the libuv project. How Node.js utilizes libuv. This includes tracing an operation from JavaScript down to C and back. Colin Ihrig is a member of the Node.js Core Technical Committee, a libuv collaborator, and a hapi.js core team member. Colin is the author of Pro Node.js for Developers, and co-author of Full Stack JavaScript Development with MEAN. Colin is currently a product engineer at Joyent, focusing on Node.js development and enterprise support. After Colin’s presentation, Joseph DeCarlo will moderate Open Spaces Open Spaces is a discussion format that allows attendees to vote on and participate in conversations on topics chosen by the audience. It is a great way for you to talk about or just learn about a topic that you chose. It also allows other audience members to share their expertise. Location The Piedmont Center North 3575 Piedmont Rd NE, Building #15, Floor T Atlanta, GA Social After the meeting, we will meet at Tin LIzzy's Cantina (3639 Piedmont Rd) for food, drinks and socialization Parking Parking is free and is located right outside of building 15. If needed, free parking is also available in the deck underneath. Hope to see you all there! Joe.

The Piedmont Center North

3575 Piedmont Rd NE · Atlanta, GA

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The focus of this group will be to learn node js through a practical approach. We will have speakers followed by "open spaces" discussions.

Members may be developers of all skill levels, designers looking to leverave javascript skill sets, architects looking for faster ways to build scalable systems, and engineering managers who want to understand how this technology can be utilized in their company.

And of course anyone interested in changing the world.

We will have a heavy focus on mobile computing devices and other smart devices like TVs with less focus on plain desktop pc.

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