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Attention all occultists, kabbalists, spiritualists, mystics, magicians, psychics, mediums, paranormal investigators, parapsychologists, hypnotists, astrologers, shamans, spiritual practitioners, energy workers, pagans, Etc. -- This Meetup is for you!

I am gathering a group of people together who are interested in self growth and spiritual exploration, and who are able to come together and exchange ideas (with an open mind and respect for each individual's path) and personal experiences within the realm of Spirit and manifestation.
I would love to sit with you to talk, learn and grow from the amazing group of Seekers the Atlanta area has to offer.
Too often we find each other in hiding or by some lucky accident --feeling unable to share our personal experiences and be open with the people in our lives, either from fear of judgement or because we tend to walk a solitary path. Sometimes we may be afraid to venture out of our own circles because we feel safe there, or are anxious of what/who we might find if we do. Other times we are searching for fellow practitioners, but are frustrated to find what seems to be a community of recluses and give up trying to forge a connection locally, turning to the internet and chat rooms to fill that desire (I sound legitimately disillusioned because I am).
My intention is to utilize meetup.com as a platform to reach out to like-minded individuals to form a safe space to enable a feeling of connection and community that we can all share and benefit from. If this criteria fits you, then I invite you to join us at our monthly gatherings on the first Wednesday of every month. Looking forward to meeting you all soon,

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