Reflections - Theme Competition


Reflections- Theme Competition
9 entries Max (Monochrome prints, Color prints, Digital)

Reflections will be our theme for the February competition. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on professional equipment to photograph reflections, as they can be photographed with any mid-level camera and lens. You can even use a mobile phone. However, you must train your eye to notice reflections. For natural reflections, look in front of you at rivers. For architectural reflections look above, on building surfaces. For surreal reflections look at the ground to notice objects reflected in puddles of water.

Common Types of Reflections:

Architectural reflections: These occur on architectural surfaces. An example is an old building reflected on a modern glass building in front of it. You can find many examples around Atlanta.

Natural reflections: These occur in nature such as water-scapes. An example is a city-scape reflected on a river or a group of birds reflected on a pond.

Surreal reflections: These are the hardest to notice since they require an artistic eye. An example is a shot I took years ago of the Eiffel tower reflected in a puddle of water on a rainy day. If I had stayed inside I would of missed this one.

Abstract reflections: These show colors and lines without revealing what the reflected subject is. An example is a colorful building reflected on water, showing wavy lines and colors.

Special Rule

All submitted images must be your own work. Using Photoshop or any other similar application to create a reflection of any kind during post processing is not allowed and will be disqualified.

So grab your camera and discover those ‘hidden' reflections.

• What to bring
Mounted color and mono prints. Upload your digital entries through the members' page of our website.

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