Shadows - Theme Competition


Shadows - Theme Competition
9 entries (Monochrome prints, Color prints, Digital)

Shadows will be the theme for April’s Competition. Shadows, both subtle and dramatic will always have an impact on the mood, composition and overall flow of our images. From the sublime to the dramatic they have also long been a critical part of many of the world’s most recognized images.

Shadows Can Enhance an Image

Shadows can enhance the relationships of subjects in an image - they give definition and dimension. Photographers have used dramatic shadows and patterns in black and white images and have also explored using ethereal and moody shadows and textures in color photography.

One can also appreciate the use of shadows in the world of cinema. For example, the classic black and white movie The Third Man (1949) uses shadows very effectively. By watching these types of movies, you will better appreciate the creative use of shadows in photography.

Neither hard or soft shadows are 'best'. Which is right for a particular image entirely depends on the subject. Photography is often more fun when rules are being broken, so there's nothing wrong with experimenting to see what works in a particular shooting situation.

Emphasize Shapes

Shadows cast by an object reflect the shape of that object and show the direction of light. If the shape is recognizable, the shadow can make an intriguing image in its own right. The key is to keep it simple. Try to avoid Shadows with ambiguous shapes. Use shadows to enhance your message. Shadows also help show to the direction of light. Shadows raking across the landscape help to define shape and texture in the landscape.

Create Moods

Shadows are great for creating a particular mood too. For example, an image dominated by darker tones where the shadows possess little detail typically have a mystery to them. An off camera flashgun is a great light source for creating these types of images.

Be Creative!

So show us your best frames and moments captured and presented using the power of the Shadow! Winning images will be selected based on creativity, quality of execution and uniqueness of vision. The work can be expressed from realism to abstraction.

Special Rules

All submitted images must be your own work. Using Photoshop or any other similar application to create shadows during post processing is not allowed and will be disqualified.

So grab your camera and be creative!

What to Bring -
Mounted color and mono prints. Upload your digital entries through the members' page on our website.

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