What we're about


What we are about

There are so many prayer needs out there. This is a dynamic, action orientated group that is all about using the power of prayer to make our localities and this world better. This is a Christian prayer group open to all. Our roots are based in the Full Gospel of Jesus Christ. We receive many prayer requests that are posted on the event page. We ask you to please 'Like' and 'RSVP' when you say a prayer for a prayer request posted on the site. Group members are people of purpose and action that make a difference through prayer. Join us and become part of a spiritual force for Godly global transformation.

What we do

The group say a brief (30 seconds to 1 minute) prayer corporately for all the needs and prayer requests at 2pm Eastern everyday. It doesn't matter where we are when that reminder goes off on our phones we pray in our minds or out loud whatever is appropriate. Those that are able, are asked to also keep the requests in their personal prayers and focus on any of the individual requests as they are led to.

We have regular short (15 minutes) prayer conference calls which are a way that we connect together and for powerful group prayer.

Help for you

Freely post prayer requests, for friends, relatives, colleagues and yourself. Please ask your friends, family, church and acquaintances to join the group as the more people that are praying the more powerful and effective we are. Please Ask your contacts to share the link to the site and let them know they can post their prayer requests (feel free to make anonymous your prayer request if you wish or use

Happy praying and much blessings.

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Julie requested prayer for guidance...

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Thank you for being willing to pray for people. God bless you always. Please see below the latest prayer requests. Please keep them in your prayers and or do a brief corporate prayer for all of them at 2pm everyday (a good way to remember is to set a daily reminder on your phone). Please RSVP if you are praying.

Thank you!

JC Freedom House Prayer requests January 13th 2022

Anne requested prayer for her husband Glenn recovering from back surgery, complete healing in the name of Jesus.

Prayer for Shay and family after a number of deaths in the family. Comfort and peace in Jesus name.

Prayers for Deyvonne and family after the passing of her sister.

Andrea requested prayer as she was going in for a CT scan. Healing in Jesus name.

Vivian requested prayer for her mother after shoulder surgery for a speedy recovery and that the pain would go.

Prayer for comfort and peace for Marie and family as They mourn the passing of their beloved uncle.

Diane requested prayer and for good news when she visits the doctor.

Pray for Abby who is recovering from covid-19. Healing in Jesus name.

Prayer for Petal with covid pneumonia, full recovery and that she would regain her full strength.

Pray that mind brain coordination and verbal speech for Mason would be at an excellent level.

Suzanne requested prayer for her mother who had blood clots in her lungs, healing in Jesus name.

Yvonne requested prayer for she and her family after the passing of her father. Comfort and peace in Jesus name.

Diane requested speedy recovery from her surgery and safe travels for her family.

Nancy requested prayer for healing for her young son Cash admitted to hospital after prolonged neurological issues causing him pain.

Latesha requested prayer so she can stop comfort eating and lose weight.

Julie requested prayer for guidance as she contemplates marriage having never been in a relationship that wasn't domestically violent.

Prayer for Liang and family who are seeking permanent residency in Canada that God would smooth the path and do above and beyond anything they could imagine.

Cindi requested prayer for strep throat.

Post your prayer requests here!
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Post your prayer requests here!

1. Post your prayer request by posting a comment.

2. When you say a prayer for a prayer request posted please 'Like' that prayer request/comment.

3. Updates are always welcome and are encouraging to those that are praying so feel free to post updates in the comments.

4. Other ways to post a prayer request is to send the organizer a private message which will then be posted to the website.

5. Other ways to post a prayer request is to post it via the "Suggest a Meetup' tab

Thank you for caring and thank you for sharing.

Happy praying and much blessings

Ephesians 6:18
Pray with unceasing prayer and entreaty on every fitting occasion in the Spirit, and be always on the alert to seize opportunities for doing so, with unwearied persistence and entreaty on behalf of all God's people.

Let's say a prayer! 2pm Eastern
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Let's say a prayer! 2pm Eastern

It is that time again.... Please join in saying a brief prayer (30 seconds to 1 minute) for all the prayer requests posted on the site at 2pm Eastern everyday. It doesn't matter where you are when your reminder goes off on your phone just pray in your mind or out loud whatever is appropriate.

Thank you so much for caring, God bless you always.

Philippians 4:6
....in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Matthew 7:12
So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you..

Praise Reports - Prayers are being answered
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Please post in the comments updates for any of the people or things we have been praying for.

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Prayer for Micah fighting two cancers..

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