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How to Use Public Speaking To Grow Your Business

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Description for workshop: The richest man of the great depression, John D Rockefeller, agrees with one of the richest man of our current recession, Warren Buffet, that the best investment they have ever made was to invest in developing their communication skills. As an entreprenuer, the ability to captivate an audience will translate into attracting more clients causing your business to soar to new heights. At our meet ups, you will not only learn how to promote your business through platform presentations. You will also benefit from the sharp minds of other entreprenuers that will put Napolean Hills master mind principle into full effect. Imagine a place where you come to master public speaking, marketing, and networking all in one and you have just imagined a glimpse of the power of our meet ups. Our way of teaching is using advanced immersion techniques where you see, hear, and do so the concepts become ingrained and implemented for maximum retention. RSVP today and celebrate tommorrow! Let 2013 be the year when you experience the feeling of watching your business bank account grow. Sign up and learn how to:

* How to brand yourself on a shoestring budget

* We will focus on the next 8 steps you need to take to expand your business

* Key contacts to partner with. Experts that will help you market and move your product or service

* The six Ps of business success. If your business is not working, one of these Ps is off radar

and SO MUCH MORE. Call 404-454-6550 to register. This is the breakthrough that will catapult you to the next level!

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