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Hi everyone,

The richest man of the great depression, John D Rockefeller, agrees with one of the richest man of our current recession, Warren Buffet, that the best investment they have ever made was to invest in developing their communication skills.

Atlanta Public Speaking is having free seminars every Tuesday at 7 p.m. Take advantage of this free training opportunity while it lasts. At the meet up, you will have many practice opportunities designed to transform you into the dynamic communicator you were born to be. By participating in drills, excercizes, and speech opportunities with the guidance of a professional public speaking coach, you will be able to see astounding results and improve your communication skills dramatically!

You will learn such things as:

* How to turn stagefright into adrenaline power to captivate the entire room. The best business people use this powerful technique to wow their audience every time

* How to hook the audience right from the start. The most powerful "brainfreezers" used by proffessional speakers that create anticipation from the get go

* Master the 15 components of effective communication to maximize all of your delivery channels as a speaker

* How to tap into your emotions to move your audience into action

* The 3 different types of gestures that add emphasis to your talks

* How to use public speaking as a free and very effective marketing tool

* Delivering dynamic elevator pitches

We invite you to come out on Tuesday Nights at 45 South Cafe and invest in what Stephen Covey calls "the single most effective tool one can possess"

For more details, contact Ariel at 404-454-6550 (donations are welcome)