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Presenting To Win Business

The worlds greatest investor, Warren Buffet, has stated that the best investment he's ever made was to invest in developing his public speaking skills. Here is a short video in which Warren Buffet explains the value of his public speaking training and why it's critical to your financial growth:

As an entrepreneur, the ability to captivate an audience will translate into attracting more clients causing your business to soar to new heights. At this event, you will not only learn how to promote your business through platform presentations, you will also benefit from the sharp minds of other entrepreneurs that will put Napolean Hills master mind principle into full effect. Imagine an event where you come to learn about public speaking, marketing, and receive expert business coaching - all in ONE day! Our way of teaching is using advanced immersion techniques where you see, hear, and do so the concepts become ingrained and implemented for maximum retention.

Here is a video of one of my clients presenting on CNN:

What makes our training so effective is a unique blend of video feedback complimented with real time coaching designed to cut through the bad habits that have accumulated through the years. You will learn a unique systematic approach to public speaking, a patented system that's only taught by PDG.

During the breakout session, we will cover:

*Using The Bubble Map Instant Content Creator - Allowing you to design presentations in 30-45 min

*Exploring key aspects of delivery from stage movement to knowing what to do with your hands

*How to use storytelling, statistics, quotes, and analogies to make your message stand out

*How to open effectively, build credibility, deliver quality content, and close in a powerful, persuasive way

*How to engage the audience like a pro. Learn key strategies that the pros use to help the audience feel like they're a part of the presentation.

*How to win more business by speaking about your business

*Where to speak about your business

Whether you are persuading colleagues, selling a client or energizing a team, the power of your presentation makes the difference between success and failure!

I strongly recommend that you attend the workshop on July 15!

You will learn more about public speaking on July 15 then any previous training you've received on this topic, combined! I have been training professionals for years and I have been dubbed by different sources as "the best public speaking coach in Atlanta"

I have a strong passion to help people in this area as I used to struggle with stage fright all through out my adolescent years. The best way to learn is through someone who has been in your shoes, yet found a way to rock crowds on the big stages! And gets 90 % of his clients through public speaking! I have taught public speaking to executives from American Airlines, IBM, Hilti, Home Depot, Accenture, and many others - and on July 15, I'd like to teach you how to grow yourself and your business through a special training entitled "Presenting to Win Business". This is a presentation that I developed with the specific target of helping businesses grow by implementing workshops, seminars and training classes into their marketing mix!

The latest cutting edge immersion principles are used during the seminar, these are the same principles that the best instructors use to increase retention and make the information "stick". It was designed as a break out session for a corporate spring conference that took place several months ago. I decided to offer it as a special gift for FREE to my wonderful members of Atlanta Public Speaking and to all Regus clientele located in Atlanta. This is the exact same presentation I have taught at the corporate level for $1500/session. It is very interactive and you will have a chance to speak that same day!

Below is a video clip from a previous Presenting to Win Business seminar:

Here are some testimonials from previous attendees of Presenting to Win Business:


The training I received from Ariel Ghinga is the most unique speaking program I have undertaken. In working with the corporate sales and technology field for over 7 years during, I am responsible for building trusted customer relationships, effectively communicating technology business value for multi-million dollar accounts across the east coast, and indirectly managing the technical sales management aspects across a complex matrix organization. Throughout my career, I have been exposed to several types of corporate training programs that focus on presentation, sales, and communication skills. Many times, I found that at the end of these costly and lengthy programs, I had to rely on notes or books to remember what I actually learned. To date the program developed by Ariel has been the single most valuable program as content is tailored to uniquely provide content to the individual. I discovered the techniques used help to ensure the material taught is retained. I found that in a very short period of time the techniques became embedded in my muscle memory and I saw these results through increased sales, pipeline growth, improved customer interactions and I also gained more confidence in my ability to do ad-hoc presentations focusing on key points.

I would highly recommend the programs offered by PDG for those individuals or management teams looking to improve their presentation and communication skills effectively AND see these results in a short period of time. – Cindrell Harry, IBM, Atlanta, Georgia

It is with the greatest pleasure that l write this recommendation to Mr. Ariel Ghinga, CEO of the Personality Development Group, LLC. I came across an advertisement by Ariel when I was searching for expert advice and coaching to improve my professional and personal presentation and overall expression skills. The service provided by Ariel via one-on-one coaching sessions proved to be more than the monies’ worth. Ariel’s training, guidance and teaching caused a significant transformation in my life. His methods helped me achieve much more than I expected: I was able to achieve my immediate career goals by implementing his approaches in real life situations.

By just showing up for one of his demonstrations sessions, I was able to gauge what to expect and immediately signed up for his services. That was one of the smartest decisions I made in my life. I would highly recommend Ariel’s services to anyone who is looking to achieve histher dream goals but is only restricted by the weaknesses or negative aspects of the personality. If you think you have some difficulties in expressing yourself or surviving under professional or normal social settings, Ariel would be the person to go for! He will guide you towards your goals, and teach you methods that will continuously keep you on track for nothing less than the ultimate success of your personal goals! – Chaminda M. Gamage, Ph.D., Research Scientist II, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry Georgia Institute of Technology

Personality Development Group is different from some of the speaking training I’ve received in the past. Ariel is a gifted coach and a wonderful person. I have recommended his company to other peers and colleagues – Rony Delgarde, Founder of Global Paints for Charity

Ariel is a great person and an excellent speaker. I have had the pleasure of seeing Ariel give formal speeches at our Toastmasters group meetings. he brings his A game every single time and does a fantastic job. – Richard Thomas, Helping Advertisers Increase Their Profits

Ariel is an individual with extreme passion. He has a heart for people that shines through in his teachings. He has mastered the craft of public speaking and works tirelessly to extend his talent to others. I admire his work ethic and look forward to continue following his work. – Ryan Jenkins, Next Generation Speaker, Blogger & Podcaster

Below are some pictures of the Regus Training Location:

Call[masked] or RSVP to register. The first 7 RSVP's will receive a copy of my e - book "Personality Blueprint" This is the breakthrough that will catapult your 2014 to the next level!

Your Public Speaking Coach,