\m/ A.R.M.S. Social August Edition


We haven’t played pool in a while, so let’s head back to Mr. Cues Billiards (AKA MR. Cues II) .

As described on their site:
Mr. Cues Billiards is a family owned and operated business since 1988.
We here at Mr. Cues offer a fun environment for the average player, but are serious enough for professional play. Pool enthusiasts of all kinds can feel at home here. WE ARE OPEN 365 DAYS A YEAR!!!!

Mr. Cues offers 40 tables including 8ft and 9ft professional quality pool tables, a snooker table, and a 3 cusion billiards table. Not only do we have tables, but we have games available like shuffle board, archade games and casino stlye slots. We have a full menu with something for everyone. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served all day everyday.

House Rules
Must be 18 to enter. NO COVER! NO Outside food or drink. NO Sitting on our pool tables. NO Smoking. NO Drinking over the pool tables, or Setting Drinks on the tables

Dress Code
NO Wife Beater tank tops. NO Sleeveless tops on men. NO Sagging Pants. NO Bandannas