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Socialization for the Anxious

"I'm a smart, capable, likable person in general, but I'm fed up with my social anxiety. It impedes my performance in the workplace, with friends, with family, at stores. It impedes my success at large. Some days it's more manageable than others, and some situations are more manageable than others. Sometimes I surprise myself with how well I speak, but it's inconsistent.

Most times, I wrap myself up in my head and can't get through a three minute explanation without feeling overwhelming embarrassment, drawing a blank, or having a shaky voice. I'll replay it in my head after the fact, and I'll never want to try again. Other times, I just avoid any negative feelings by remaining quiet.

Often, with anxieties, the only way out is through. Maybe I can learn by doing, and reprogram my brain to know it's okay. Maybe, at my discretion, I can talk through some of my traumas and insecurities. Perhaps I can decatastrophize my faux pas.

Some kind of improv or performance-based practice could possibly help, but I'm not sure I'm ready to start my journey around people who are socially comfortable. I'd rather start my journey around people who get it, who feel it, and who want to get rid of it."

Sound like you? Join! Together (emphasis on "together"; we're member-driven!) we'll strengthen the group and ourselves.

We'll have to do some of the hard stuff. The mingling, the talking, the initiating. We'll share resources. We'll share the responsibility of suggesting places to meet and activities to do. We'll make adjustments based on how we feel, and we won't force anyone to do anything. We'll start with simple convo, maybe visit some large social events, grow with vulnerable storytelling, make our way through speaking in front of everyone, confidently opt out when we've reached our thresholds, and support each other the whole way. But at least we'll start, right? We won't stay home and avoid interacting. And that's the important part. We hope to see you soon!

One rule: Social anxiety is disheartening. Please be kind.

(Feel free to donate [but please don't feel pressured to do so]. Any and all donations will go directly to funding events.
https://www.meetup.com/Atlanta-Social-Anxiety-Support/contribute/ )

***Update (see message boards for details): My family is growing, so I have appointed a few people as Event Organizers to manage events in my absence. If you have group/admin-related questions, feel free to message me. For event-related questions, please message the organizer of that event. Thank you!

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