Financial Market Insights from Stream Processing

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This talk will show how Hazelcast Jet, an open source in-memory Stream Processing Engine that provides higher throughput and lower latency that previous generations of streaming solutions, can be applied to financial markets to detect patterns and react to events as they happen.


Stream Processing provides a way to process and/or query a continuous data stream at near real-time speeds. Stream processing engines provide the ability to gain insight into changing conditions as they are happening, rather than analyzing historical data. In businesses such as trading where opportunities can arise and disappear in fractions of a second, the ability to understand what is happening while it is happening is critical.

The Presenter:

Mike Yawn is a Senior Solutions Architect with Hazelcast, the provider of the leading operational In-Memory Computing Platform. In that role he provides pre-sales consulting on Hazelcast IMDG, Hazelcast Jet, and Hazelcast Cloud solutions to commercial customers. Prior to joining Hazelcast, Mike performed a number of consulting and R&D functions with HP, eBay, Oracle, and other tech companies, supporting customers in financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and other industries.