Workshop: Shooting & Editing Infrared Photography

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Let’s do something different and fun this holiday weekend, and explore the fascinating and mysterious world of infrared photography! If you ever wanted to shoot infrared, but just don’t know where to start, this workshop is for you!

For this small, intimate workshop we’ll take a hands-on look at infrared photography, and learn what kinds of gear and knowledge you need to start shooting in this surreal and visually stunning style. You will get to experience what the differences are between shooting infrared on a converted camera body vs. simply using an IR lens filter. Demonstrations will be lead by myself (Lauren Holley, @graphiknation) and Murray Rudd (@tendrelimages), a self described “nomadic photographer of nature and people”. See image examples at the below.

Here’s the plan:

Let’s meet at 11:00am at the Flatiron building for introductions and a short preview of the day’s itinerary. We will then go outside to Woodruff Park and shoot some test images, with guided instruction for 2 scenarios (converted camera, and lens filter demonstrations). Participants will have the opportunity to shoot using instructor’s equipment, and store images on their own SD card.

After about 60-90 minutes of shooting time, we will head back to the Flatiron building for a post-processing session (approx. 90 minutes), where we will demonstrate tips and techniques for editing infrared photography, which is unique and can be challenging even for experienced photographers. We will have access to large screen monitors, and all participants are encouraged (but not required) to bring their own laptop and follow along in the post-processing session.

This will be a small, intimate group workshop limited to 20 people. RSVP is required, along with the $20 attendance fee.

What to bring?

You can bring your own equipment if you have any, but it is not required or necessary. Anyone can attend with or without their own gear. We will cover enough general knowledge during this workshop to help you make an informed decision about what kind of investment you might want to make for your own infrared shooting. Below are some suggestions, for those who do want to bring their own gear and follow along using their own equipment.

• Camera and a few lens options (optional, if you have your own infrared gear)

• An infrared filter that fits your lens(es) (if you have one, or can get one)

• An SDHC Card (if you can’t bring your own IR gear, use your SD card with instructor’s gear)

• Tripod (optional, recommended for shooting with an IR filter)

• Laptop (optional, if you want to follow along in Adobe Lightroom)

Should you buy an infrared lens filter for this workshop?

I would not recommend spending money on new equipment until after the workshop. There are dramatic differences in shooting with a converted camera body vs. a lens filter, and you will discover during this workshop what the best option might be to suit your personal wants and needs.


Five Points & Peachtree Center MARTA stations are both about a 5 minute walk. The Atlanta Streetcar stops at Woodruff Park and Park Place, right across the street. There are many parking decks in Downtown. As per always, ride shares, carpools, Uber/Lyft all encouraged.