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Hey y'all,

There have been a lot of requests to get coached up on fly casting in the last few months. If you are new to fly casting or experienced and want to tweak a few things, this is a good chance to get out and practice.

As Dave F. has called it we will be doing some 'Grassting'. May I suggest that after the event you get out on the water maybe at Jones Bridge and do some fishing. It is the delayed harvest time of year and the streams will be stocked.

If you are new casters this will be a good start for you. If you are experienced you know I will give you some challenges or play with some more advanced techniques.

So the game plan is to start sharp at 1pm and cast until 3pm. Then we can go over to Jonesbridge via the West side and fish. (Barnwell entrance)

With fly casting, each essential builds on the next and then comes together for a beautiful cast. You will want to see and feel this for yourself.

Please have your gear assembled and ready to start so we can go right in to the essentials of fly casting, loop formation, a few change of direction casts as well as a new way to do a snake roll cast at 1pm.

There is a fee of @$3 to park at Barnwell, you will need a fishing lic. and trout stamp to fish. Please wear protective eye wear, dress for the colder weather and bring some snacks if you plan to fish.