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Validating Forms With HTML5

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6:30 - 7:00 Food & Intro
7:00 - 8:15 Main presentation

This month we have a special out-of-town presenter, TJ VanToll. He's presenting over at DevNexus, but we've managed to steal a few hours of his time to come and present at ATL HTML5!

This month's meetup is in Perimeter. OTP'ers listen up: we want to hold more meetups on the north side of town, but we need for OTP members to come out and have a strong showing!

Session description:

Validating forms has notoriously been a painful development experience. Implementing client side validation in a user friendly, developer friendly, and accessible way is hard. Before HTML5 there was no means of implementing form validation natively; therefore, developers have resorted to a variety of JavaScript based solutions.
To help ease the burden on developers, HTML5 introduced a concept known as constraint validation - a native means of implementing client side validation on web forms.
This talk will give a comprehensive overview of everything constraint validation offers, discuss the state of browser implementations, and give practical advice for how you can use it in your web forms today.


TJ VanToll is a web developer, speaker, and writer living in Lansing, MI and working as a developer advocate for Telerik. He is an open source advocate that is on the jQuery UI team and publishes his blog open source. When not on the internet, TJ is generally found helping his significant other chase their twin sons in circles. TJ is on Twitter as @tjvantoll and tjvantoll on Github.

1000 Abernathy Road NE, Building 400 · Atlanta, GA